Beauty Bust: Cover Girl’s Star Wars Collection



After much excitement and more than a little disappointment, the Star Wars line from Cover Girl has been out on shelves since the end of September. The collection includes six lipsticks, six nail polishes, and 20 mascaras. Many struggled to find any of these items as the Cover Girl website was down during the release and in some circles, the packaging was considered a disappointment. There seemed to be a disconnect between creating a “Star Wars” line and listening to what beauty addicts and Star Wars fans actually wanted. While not every aspect of this limited edition line is bad, it is lackluster. The line is split, of course, between the “Light Side” and the “Dark Side.”

LIPSTICKSCover Gir lStar Wars Lipsticks

The lipsticks could have been far more creative with names like Sith, Cloud City, and Hoth instead of the generic nude, red and silver. The three Dark Side lipsticks are more wearable colors for more diverse skin tones while the three Light Side lip colors are for those who are not afraid to experiment with different color palettes. One of the downsides to Cover Girl lipsticks is the way they smell, sometimes giving off a chemically waxy odor.

The Dark Side lip colors include:

  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Purple 50: A purply-blueish tone that is quite dark and vampy, however, the frosty hue might turn some people away. If you like the dark tones this is your best bet.
  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Gold 40:  This color can appear copper and gold depending on the light. I tend to wear it as an eyeshadow, which is beautiful for people with yellow or red undertones. As a lipstick, it is great if you are into those orange tones from this season. Even though it’s frosted, it made me look a little flat.
  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Red 30: This lipstick is bright and beautiful, but you will need to wear a lipliner as it will smudge. This color is definitely one of the most wearable of the entire line.

The Light Side lip colors include:

  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Nude 70: A super high-frost with a little pink and red that complements a wide array of skin tones. As an everyday lipstick, this one is your best bet.
  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Silver 10: The silver is great for those who love the gray-toned lips, but I would enjoy it if it were a matte lipstick for wearability and interest. I was prepared for a patchy glitter topcoat that felt like applying a layer of sand to my lips, but it was much smoother than I expected.
  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Lilac 20: A great color for a specific night out. Even though it’s silver with a beautiful lilac undertone, this color is not for everyone.





There are 20 mascaras in this collection, divided by red for regular formula and blue for waterproof. But it’s the packaging that makes this mascara fun. Each tube is emblazoned with different quotes from the movies. Beware, wielding this super-sized tube of mascara is a learning curve. The formula is very nice, but you have to get the hang of how to use the wand efficiently. It’s a little flat and the bristles get longer toward the inner end of the wand. Instead of just running the wand across your lashes, try rolling it across your lashes.


As far as the nail polish goes, they hit all the right notes! There are three limited edition colors and a total of six in the series. We love the names


, color, and longevity of this polish. The names and colors include:

  • Speed of Light: A nude/gray color that is brilliant especially on darker skin tones.
  • Red Revenge: A pinkish- red that is flattering on lots of skin tones.
  • Fury: A coral with a little more red than orange, this color is quite fierce. It’s definitely a Dark Side color.
  • Mutant 101: Brilliant blue color just like Luke’s Lightsaber. Beautiful.
  • Nemesis: This marsala-colored nail color is dark and cool just like some Siths.
  • Nuclear: Bright, lemony, and wonderful. This color is a great pop to your day or to brighten up any outfit. This color is a must.


While the lipsticks and mascaras were a bust, if you were going to spend money on the Star Wars collection your best bet is to snag any of the nail polish. If you’re wanting a lip color that is not too expensive for the occasional night out or for a costume party, snag a tube. If you are looking to snag any Walmart offers 3% cash back and Walgreens offers up to 4% cash back.