Right off the bat, CEO Herbert Diess addressed the diesel engine emission issue scandal at CES 2019.

“The most important goal for 2019 is to solve the emissions issue in the U.S.,” he said.

Volkswagen is confident in finding good solutions for the U.S. market. And while there will be … Read more “Volkswagen: The New Microbus BUDD-e and Emission Resolution”



A sea of phones backlit the Samsung Consumer Electronic Show (CES) conference Tuesday afternoon as COO Tim Baxter unveiled the newest items rolling out in 2019. And while I expected the usual TV, smart watch and tablet announcement, all roads led to fridge today.

Well, a smart fridge that is.… Read more “Order Your Groceries And Listen to Music with Samsung’s Smart Fridge”



At Intel’s keynote at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), CEO Brian Krzanich announced the company had met its goals for diversity hiring for 2018, with 43% of its new hires comprised of either women or other underrepresented minorities within the company and retention rates for these employees being on … Read more “How Does CES 2019 Contribute to Women in Tech?”



Faraday Future is a relatively new (and mysterious) company that kept a tight lid on any information leaking to the public in advance of the Consumer Electronic Show. At last night’s press conference, we learned many of the new startup’s employees have come from Tesla, BMW and Jaguar. Faraday Future … Read more “What is Faraday Future And Their FFZero1 Concept Car?”


9 YA Books You Must Add to Your Reading List

As a child of immigrant parents, my reading list was not limited to any specific type of genre; my parents were just happy that their oldest child pushed hard to overcome her dyslexia by reading so much. Growing up I loved comic books and science fiction — the escape to … Read more “9 YA Books You Must Add to Your Reading List”


Which Cash Back Mobile App Should You Download Today?


We’ll start with our very own FatWallet app, which, to its disadvantage, is only available on the Apple App Store (4 star user rating). It’s incredibly simple to use, presenting you clearly with the best deals on the site, your recently visited stores and special cash back … Read more “Which Cash Back Mobile App Should You Download Today?”



This has been an amazing year for many makeup collections. And while some collections have turned out amazing colors and quality like Kat Von D and Lorac, others have been a major disappointment. We did our research and looked back on all of our makeup purchases over the entire year … Read more “Best and Worst Beauty Buys of 2019”


Retro Video Games Relived: Our All-Time Favorites

we take our video games (and console preferences) pretty seriously. But PS4 versus Xbox is an argument for another day because there is one thing we can all agree on: retro video games from our childhood.

Some of us were Sega kids; some of us were strictly NES (and don’t … Read more “Retro Video Games Relived: Our All-Time Favorites”


New Year Shopping Guide: What to Buy in January


4k-tv-deals-januaryIt’s always nice to kick the new year off with some goals — resolve to do things better, stay focused, be smarter about your health and wealth. One sure way to keep your wealth in good order is to save money … Read more “New Year Shopping Guide: What to Buy in January”



Look, 2019 is coming whether you like it or not. So you might as well start it off right with a great New Year’s resolution. And I’m not talking some namby pamby resolution like vowing to lose a couple of pounds or something like that. I’m talking hard core resolutions. … Read more “Dominate the New Year: 13 Wacky Resolutions for 2019”



We love any excuse to get dressed up, but there’s something electric about getting ready on New Year’s Eve. The possibilities for the next 365 days are endless, whether you’re dressing up to the nines and swilling champagne at a soiree or having friends over to watch the ball drop … Read more “Get Glam With New Year’s Eve Attire On A Budget”



How many female characters from the first six “Star Wars” films can you name? You’ve got ten seconds; go.

Finished? I’m willing to bet your answers were Leia, Padme, and maybe, just maybe, Aunt Beru. I’m not going to rag on any of those women, but “Star Wars” hasn’t exactly … Read more “The Women and World of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – Spoiler-Free Review”


6 Free Shipping Hacks to Keep Gift Costs Down

If you’re still planning on doing the majority of your last minute gift shopping online and are starting to panic about getting good value on shipping costs, then you’re thinking right. Remember last year when many millions of packages didn’t make it to holiday celebrations on or before Dec. 25 … Read more “6 Free Shipping Hacks to Keep Gift Costs Down”


15 Star Wars Cosplays From Around The Web

We’ve been spending some time surfing the web and ogling tons of fan-made, well crafted Star Wars themed costumes from cosplayers around the world. The Internet is full of talented people handcrafting costumes from their favorite characters, some universally recognized, like Han and Leia, and some incredibly obscure, like Senator … Read more “15 Star Wars Cosplays From Around The Web”



When choosing a computing device, the sheer amount of options can be daunting. It can feel intimidating to browse through the myriad electronics that have become necessary in our everyday lives. Fear not! This guide is intended to help alleviate your concerns and give you a solid jumping off point … Read more “Should I Get a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop: An Essential Guide to the Differences”


You may have heard that there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out soon, and, of course, that means an influx of Star Wars-themed toys and merchandise.

Star Wars toys are highly collectible and exceedingly valuable.


So valuable that the esteemed auction house Sotheby’s, along with eBay, organized a Read more “Collectible Star Wars Toys Worth A Pretty Penny”


Star Wars Toys, Games and More on Our Star Wars Merchandise Deals Page

May the Force be with you this holiday season as you shop the latest Star Wars toys and merchandise for the Jedi (or Sith) in your life. We’re showcasing some of the best offers online on our Star Wars Deals page. Check them out before they’re all gone!

Here are … Read more “Star Wars Toys, Games and More on Our Star Wars Merchandise Deals Page”



After much excitement and more than a little disappointment, the Star Wars line from Cover Girl has been out on shelves since the end of September. The collection includes six lipsticks, six nail polishes, and 20 mascaras. Many struggled to find any of these items as the Cover Girl website … Read more “Beauty Bust: Cover Girl’s Star Wars Collection”



The Star Wars franchise has been producing video games since 1982 and shows no signs of slowing down. From my own gaming experiences, I’ve put together my top five favorite Star Wars video games in anticipation of the upcoming film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”


Read more “A Gamer’s Picks for the Top 5 Star Wars Video Games”


USA Today writer Jennifer Jolly recently published an article listing some of the best Star Wars toys to buy this holiday season. We here at  agree that these toys look great and want to help you find the best deals on them. Our best deal hunters have scoured the net … Read more “These are the Star Wars Toy Deals You’re Looking For”



Free shipping has officially arrived for the holiday shopping season. With Christmas just over two weeks away, now is a great time for all you procrastinators out there to finish your shopping up; so treat yourself and buy one for them and one for you. Some of these merchants rarely … Read more “Take Advantage of Free Shipping On Top of Double Cash Back”


vdo game

You know those tiny E’s or R’s you see in the corner of video game boxes? Well, those are actually ratings similar to movie ratings. The letters were created and are assigned by an agency called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The ESRB was created in 1994, and its … Read more “The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Ratings”


The Five Stages of Getting Over an Unwanted Christmas Gift

Another Christmas has come and gone, and once again you are left with that one gift you really didn’t want to receive. You’ve told your Uncle Roy thousands of times that you don’t like multi-colored turtleneck sweaters, but does he ever listen? No. He never does. Come on, Roy!

So … Read more “The Five Stages of Getting Over an Unwanted Christmas Gift”


15 Beers and Cocktails to Spice Up the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching there are plenty of ways to spice up those traditional gatherings of friends and family. While many cocktails require tons of ingredients, here are a few drinks that include ingredients from your pantry and are a snap to make.

We like to think simple is … Read more “15 Beers and Cocktails to Spice Up the Holidays”


Cheap and Tasty Christmas Treats That Won’t Break the Bank

Ever felt envious of Aunt Bea’s peanut brittle skills or wished you could garner the same praise as Grandma with your own baked goods during the holidays? Ever paged through fancy cooking magazines and wondered how you were ever going to afford the myriad ingredients required for the perfect tiramisu … Read more “Cheap and Tasty Christmas Treats That Won’t Break the Bank”


December Buying Guide – Holiday Gifts and More

Online shoppers spend more money in December than any other month, even when Cyber Monday falls on Nov. 30, like this year. There are more sales each day and weekend than any other month, and more items shipped than any other month. At its heart, December is big consumer spending, … Read more “December Buying Guide – Holiday Gifts and More”


The Only 10 Christmas Movies You Need To See

Christmastime is here, and you know what that means! It’s time to pick out a holiday movie to watch with your family! But there are so many great choices out there, so which one do you pick? Have no fear; we here at FatWallet are here to help. We have … Read more “The Only 10 Christmas Movies You Need To See”




Did you know only 2% of parents say they do not buy holiday gifts for their kids? That’s according to a new study from (*TNS) that reports 70% parents say they’ll buy 3 or more gifts for each child and another 28% will … Read more “Most Parents Buy Holiday Gifts For The Kids – INFOGRAPHIC”



No Shave November is over, but you still love the look of that gorgeous beard and want to keep it growing. We interviewed Alex LaRoach, vice president
of the Austin Facial Hair Club, on what makes a world award-winning beard, and how to keep it in tip-top shape.

Here are … Read more “8 Beard Tips Post No Shave November”



Free Shipping Day is upon us. Today many stores are offering to send you their products on their own dime. That’s as good a reason as any to shop online today.

Another great reason to shop online today is, after today, most online orders won’t arrive in time for Christmas. … Read more “Today Only: Get Free Shipping at a Plethora of Stores!”



A long time ago, in a strange decade called the seventies, a little movie came along that changed everything. Ever since, we’ve been singing the praises of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and so many more great characters from the awesome Star Wars universe. We reveled in the original trilogy, tolerated … Read more “7 Star Wars Factoids to Get You Psyched for The Force Awakens”



Carrie Fisher, the actress behind the Princess Leia character in the “Star Wars” franchise, recently turned to Twitter to support fans who are protesting the lack of Leia merchandise available in the wide inventory of “Star Wars” toys currently gracing shelves. And for good reason – Disney, which purchased Lucasfilm, … Read more “STAR WARS TOYS AREN’T JUST FOR THE BOYS”


But Wait, There’s More: Practical Deals for Green Monday

While we all look for great deals on the hottest items, sometimes we just need an easy option to stuff into stockings last minute or wrap as gifts to equal out our numbers beneath the tree. (Don’t think for one second your kids aren’t counting out each and every gift, … Read more “But Wait, There’s More: Practical Deals for Green Monday”


The 6 Hottest Green Monday Deals

All right, people, it’s less than two weeks to Christmas. If you haven’t wrapped up your gift shopping yet, (see what I did there?) don’t freak out. You still have a chance to score some hot deals while getting those gifts delivered before St. Nick beats you to the punch. … Read more “The 6 Hottest Green Monday Deals”


Artist Skips the Strings of Lights, Converts House to Gingerbread Instead

Artist Christine H McConnell is once again wowing the web with another epic creation. This time she’s converted her parents house into a gingerbread cottage – decked out with candy canes and gingerbread men. It looks delicious, Christine!



Procrastinators’ Guide to Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Free Shipping Day is fast approaching, and it’s the last day to order online at many retailers at standard delivery rates and receive your gifts by Christmas. But, procrastinators, fear not, for we have the holiday shipping cut-off dates that will help you plan your last-minute shopping this season.

Here … Read more “Procrastinators’ Guide to Holiday Shipping Deadlines”


Survival Guide to Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday; these back-to-back celebrations kick off the holidays with a whirlwind of activity that has a tendency to suck you in. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems like you have to pick one or the other, and the most memorable moments can get lost in the craze. You can … Read more “Survival Guide to Thanksgiving and Black Friday”


9 Holiday Shopping Hacks to Save You Money and Time

We here at know a lot about shopping (some would say too much). Today we bring you nine little-known or unbelievable holiday shopping hacks. We hope these tips will give you the confidence to venture forth and conquer your holiday shopping!


Some companies or stores … Read more “9 Holiday Shopping Hacks to Save You Money and Time”



Happy Cyber Monday! We have been rolling out the Cyber Monday ads for the past week and have put together an amazing list of stores offering amazing cash back on all of your shopping needs for the holidays. For today only, we are having a special DOUBLE CASH BACK sale … Read more “Cyber Monday Double Cash Back Sale”


Cyber Monday : Best Bets at Best Buy

Now that the Black Friday frenzy has passed, we’re onto the next shopping holiday: Cyber Monday . Several retailers have upped the ante this year by pushing their sales back to Sunday evening, including Walmart and eBay.

And where Black Friday is sure to have great deals, Cyber Monday, at … Read more “Cyber Monday : Best Bets at Best Buy”


Cyber Sunday? Walmart Pushes Cyber Monday Sales

Walmart wants you to be able to catch a good night’s sleep before Cyber Monday this year. For the second year running, the world’s largest retailer has announced plans to kick off its online deals bonanza at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, Nov. 29.

According to a Walmart press Read more “Cyber Sunday? Walmart Pushes Cyber Monday Sales”



Amazon recently announced that it plans to release a barrage of Lightning Deals between Saturday, Nov. 28 and Saturday, Dec. 5, as well as 10 exciting Deals of the Day on Cyber Monday. We have posted an ad listing some of the best deals that will be available during this … Read more “18 Deals Worth Waiting For During Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale”


 Not Your Average Top 25 Cyber Monday Deals List

Some of the year’s lowest prices appear in our Top 25 Cyber Monday deals, and the earliest start times ever have already leaked in Cyber Monday ads on  This is pretty rare. We don’t typically see any Cyber Monday ad flyers leak before Sunday, let alone from all the major … Read more “Not Your Average Top 25 Cyber Monday Deals List”



We just posted the 373-item Home Depot Black Friday sale listing along with the 32-page Home Depot Black Friday ad scans!

Home Depot stores will open at 6 a.m. on Black Friday, but you can avoid the lines by purchasing via the Home Depot website and getting free in-store pickup … Read more “Get the Home Depot Black Friday Ad”



Remember that, since this is a Cyber Monday ad, all of these deals will only be available online. The sale will begin at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday night.

Below we have listed some of the deals from the ad that we found most exciting:

  • Beats by Dr. Dre Drenched
Read more “Walmart Cyber Monday Ad Leaked!”

Kohl’s Black Friday Sale Live Now!

Choose free in-store pickup where applicable or get free shipping on purchases of $50+. If you prefer to shop in-store, you can start shopping this sale at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

You can use coupon code “TURKEYTIME” to get an extra 15% off sitewidetoday! Some items, like … Read more “Kohl’s Black Friday Sale Live Now!”



Every Monday after Thanksgiving, online retailers roll out their biggest and best sales of the year. For nearly 10 years, it’s served as a sensible alternative for shoppers who want to enjoy the extreme savings of Black Friday without all the potential beatings and tramplings. It all began in the … Read more “Cyber Monday Online Shopping Trends”



We just posted the 127-item Mill’s Fleet Farm Black Friday ad listing along with the 32-page Mill’s Fleet Farm Black Friday ad scan!

Mill’s Fleet Farm stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Their 2-Day Sale will begin at 6AM on Friday morning. Check this Black Friday ad out … Read more “Mill’s Fleet Farm Black Friday Ad Released GoHastings, Dunham’s Sports, and Justice!”



Rewards members can shop the Toys R Us, Sears, and Kmart early Black Friday sales right now!! The best part? These programs are completely free to join. These are slightly different from pre-Black Friday sales because you can actually purchase the same items that will be available on … Read more “Toys R Us, Kmart, & Sears Early Black Friday Sales Live Now!”




Ulta-OPI-Gift-SetOne of my personal favorite ads has leaked! The Ulta ad scan and the deal listing is full of amazing makeup and beauty supplies. There is a little something for everyone. Store hours may vary, but they are listed at 6-9 p.m Thanksgiving day , midnight … Read more “Ulta and Sephora Black Friday Ad Leak and Ulta’s Cyber Funday Sale”