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Cyber Monday : Best Bets at Best Buy

Now that the Black Friday frenzy has passed, we’re onto the next shopping holiday: Cyber Monday . Several retailers have upped the ante this year by pushing their sales back to Sunday evening, including Walmart and eBay.

And where Black Friday is sure to have great deals, Cyber Monday, at times, beats them all. Enter Best Buy’s Cyber Monday ad.

With 24 pages full of deals, there may be no better time to stock up on your electronic goods.


  • Save $100 on a Dell  Laptopwith Intel Core i7 and 256GB Solid State Drive. You’ll find bright, high-resolution images for
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Although Black Friday is just under a month away, one man is already prepared to get shopping. That’s right, Kevin Sutton has already pitched his tent outside a Best Buy in Orlando, an act that has earned him the nickname “Best Buy Man.” A seasoned Black Friday veteran, Sutton has a lot of wisdom to offer about making the most out of your Black Friday experience. We recently had the chance to chat with him to get his insights on how to survive America’s most popular shopping day. Here are some of Sutton’s key tips for waiting in line on … Read more