Volkswagen: The New Microbus BUDD-e and Emission Resolution



Right off the bat, CEO Herbert Diess addressed the diesel engine emission issue scandal at CES 2019.

“The most important goal for 2019 is to solve the emissions issue in the U.S.,” he said.

Volkswagen is confident in finding good solutions for the U.S. market. And while there will be some troubleshooting due to differences in compliances for U.S. regulations compared to Europe, this is the most important issue to address.

Beyond the emissions scandal, expect a redefined Volkswagen. They are gearing up for new smart cars and the brand is pivoting toward a new focus on “electric mobility, fully connected cars and a new driver experience.” It seems as if everyone is on the path to connecting their tech with their car. While this doesn’t always work, (Jeep override scandal) Volkswagen must tread carefully to avoid any other mishaps. These new concepts are the new generation of versatile, electric and infotainment fleets of smart transportation.


This car is beautiful, smart and clean. As a concept car, we are hoping that this car becomes a reality, however, last year Volkswagen had the Gold R Touch concept car that looks and has lots of similarities to the e-Golf.

The smartphone app for VW Car-Net lets you check the battery level on your e-Golf and turn on your air-conditioning or heat from your home. Activating charging can even be done from your compatible smartphone, and there is also a cord-free charging station and USB-C connector. The watch app for the e-gold Touch will be able to receive the current speed and condition of the car. Alerting parents to speed and boundaries will be nice for safety, but does this go too far? Is this helicopter parenting at its finest?  The car will be available in the next couple of years as claimed.

BUDD-E Budd-e-4-square

The BUDD-e is a throwback to the Microbus, an iconic VW car that is loved and coveted by many Volkswagen lovers. Volkswagen wanted to give that nostalgic feeling for the BUDD-e but with a modern tech feel. This new zero-emission, battery-powered vehicle, boasts up to 373 miles of range on a full charge, according to Volkswagen. Here we see the string of batteries again, which seem to be a trend. The BUDD-e responds to your voice command to open the door, play music and, with the help of new app software developed in Germany, connect with your smart house. It is the car of the future, and it is attempting to make personal transportation social again. They equipped the BUDD-e with a large monitor for everyone to upload their personal preferences instead of having individual devices. The conference ended up talking about how the Internet is a game changer and how the smart car and the smart home are the future. At least, they are for the BUDD-e, and Volkswagen can once again become the “people’s car.”