What is Faraday Future And Their FFZero1 Concept Car?



Faraday Future is a relatively new (and mysterious) company that kept a tight lid on any information leaking to the public in advance of the Consumer Electronic Show. At last night’s press conference, we learned many of the new startup’s employees have come from Tesla, BMW and Jaguar. Faraday Future is attempting to use virtual reality to create the FFZERO1 in a very short time frame — only 18 months.



The 1,000 horsepower electric car claims a 0-60 time in under three seconds, and top speed of over 200 miles per hour. Of course, these are completely theoretical numbers as this is just a concept car, although the company teased that it might see “limited production.”

Building a car in 18 months is a tall order, but the base of the car which Faraday calls the “Variable Platform Architecture,” is touted as being highly customizable. This platform could be the key element to their success which will allow the company to design multiple cars on the same base relatively easily. What supposedly sets this platform apart from other so-called modular platforms is that more elements of it are configurable. These are built specifically for electric vehicles, with “strings” of batteries that make up the battery floor. Adding or removing strings, they change the platform which in turn changes the chassis. More strings, big electric SUV. Fewer strings, hatchback.

Faraday is set to break ground in the next few weeks on a three million square foot manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas with an estimated price tag of $1 billion. Said to be backed by the Chinese, the facility will employ an estimated 4,500 people.

We’ll just have to see how things turn out in the next few months. If Faraday Future is anything like Tesla, they will be something to look out for and have the potential to bring about amazing change for the future.